Dancing is a great option to get kids up off the couch and into shape! Join us for our Irish dance classes that will improve children’s coordination skills, sharpen motor reflexes, encourage creativity, and get them active.

A free trial lesson is offered to new dancers – no experience necessary! Come and learn traditional Irish Dance in a fun and safe environment. Registered with an Coimisiun le Rince Gaelacha, Dublin.

Learning to dance is an incredible way to keep your body active. Did you know an hour of intense dance class can burn up 500 calories which is equivalent to a steak dinner.

Classes (for kids ages 3-11)

Sunday – Thursday.

Taught by qualified dance instructors.


For class sign-ups, please include the name and age of your child.

Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids


Dance allows children to develop their creativity. They become more than just a passive observer but an active participant in the dance process. This will allow for deeper expression of what they feel about themselves and life around them.

Physical Fitness

Dance lessons provide your kids them with a better head start because of the improved flexibility and ability to take instructions. Compared to non-dancers, dancers, as they grow up, are more physically fit.

Cognitive Development

Dance is a physical activity that requires motor skills. These skills are developed during classes and may be applied to other activities outside of dance class.


Children who take dance classes develop good social skills. When they are in a group and performing a routine to an audience, what they learn is that it is important to work as a team because if any one member fails, the entire group will fail.


Dancing requires a lot of stamina. This is obtained through dancing which also helps children develop the ability to perform activities for an extended period without tiring out.