Our taekwondo classes are given by professional black belts. We offer Taekwondo classes to babies and as well as advanced students in their teens. We make sure that the basics and foundation of the spiritual taekwondo art are instilled in our pupils and we are sure that the standard of our teaching can be compared internationally.

Not only do we make you learn physical art but also make you exceptionally brilliant in observing the surroundings.

Learning Taekwondo is an excellent way to improve self-defense and your health. You will always remain fit and athletic as long as taekwondo is a part of your lifestyle.

Taekwondo Babies - Jumeirah

Saturday09:30 AMMr. Sabum
Tuesday03:00 PMMr. Sabum
Thursday03:00 PMMr. Sabum

Taekwondo Babies - Motorcity

Saturday09:30 AMMr. Sabum
Monday03:30 PMMr. Sabum

Taekwondo Beginner - Jumeirah

Saturday10:00 AMMr. Sabum
Tuesday03:30 PMMr. Sabum
Thursday03:30 PMMr. Sabum

Taekwondo Beginner/Intermediate - Motorcity

Saturday11:20 AMMr. Sabum
Monday04:10 PMMr. Sabum

Taekwondo Intermediate - Jumeirah

Saturday11:00 AMMr. Sabum
Tuesday04:30 PMMr. Sabum
Thursday04:30 PMMr. Sabum

Taekwondo Advanced - Jumeirah

Saturday12:00 PMMr. Sabum
Tuesday05:30 PMMr. Sabum

Taekwondo Advanced - Motorcity

Saturday12:30 PMMr. Sabum
Monday05:20 PMMr. Sabum

Taekwondo Adult - Motorcity

Saturday10:10 PMMr. Sabum
Monday06:30 PMMr. Sabum

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